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Chiropractic and Athletes

Professional Athletes and Chiropractic:

Nearly every NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB team has a chiropractor on staff or works closely with offsite chiropractors to help ensure their athletes stay performing at their Best.  Hundreds of Olympic athletes also recognize the importance of regular chiropractic care to gain that competitive edge they need when competing at the highest level.

Injury Recovery and Prevention:

Research has shown that chiropractic can help the body heal as efficiently as possible, allowing athletes to recover more quickly from injuries when they arise. Data suggests that injuries may be prevented for athletes under regular chiropractic care.

Performance Enhancement:

Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge; many have found that extra boost with chiropractic. Several studies have demonstrated enhanced athletic performance across a wide variety of disciplines for athletes under chiropractic. Performance outcomes reported with chiropractic shows that having a nervous system clear of interference allows the body to perform at its best, regardless of the specific sport requirements.

More Effective Training:

A reduction in injuries and injury duration, combined with increased performance outcomes (improved range of motion or increased muscle recruitment) allows for more effective training. The ability to train more effectively with less chance of injury is a huge advantage to the competitive athlete.

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